Accredited online degrees in general education

Accredited online degrees in general education

General education degrees offer a solid foundation for any career path. The general education curriculum exposes students to the core disciplines of a liberal arts and science education, from the humanities to mathematics.

College programs in general education

General education programs are interdisciplinary, offering a broad sampler of college-level coursework. You can expect to develop the skills crucial to success in any job: Written and verbal communication, critical analysis, problem-solving and logic.

In addition, you’ll gain knowledge in diverse subject areas, including humanities disciplines such as English and history; social sciences such as psychology and anthropology; natural sciences such as biology and chemistry; and mathematics.

Accredited online degrees in general education

Accredited online degree programs offer the general education major at the undergraduate level. Choose between a two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Some colleges offer a one-year certificate in general education or general studies.

An undergraduate degree in general education not only boosts your literacy and cognitive skills, but also opens doors to a world of career opportunities. Graduates go on to careers in business, media, education or government. Or they deepen their education in a specific discipline at the bachelor’s or graduate level.

Above all, a general education degree from an accredited online college offers you the flexibility to explore your interests and discover your career path.