Carpet Buying Guide – 5 Useful Guidelines

As celebrity Oprah Winfrey once said, “It’s easier for me to make major life, multi million dollar decisions, than it is to select a carpet for the front porch of mine. That’s the truth”.

As one can see, buying a carpet just isn’t easy. The majority of the times, it doesn’t come cheap. After spending all of the effort and time on getting “The One” piece, we’ll naturally prefer to make sure it is an excellent choice. But, in today’s age and day, there are a great number of options. There are so many designs and countless types of carpets from all over the world. How do we know the best way to buy a carpet?

Here are a few considerations you can make before choosing your purchase:

1. Think of the big picture (the colour theme of your home)

The colours of the mats must match the colour design of your house. This is relatively simple if you are already aware the colour theme of the home of yours. But, if it hasn’t yet been decided, you will want to think about carpets with neutral shades that will be compatible with a lot of colours.

2. The dollars as well as cents (the budget)

How far are you eager to go (into the wallet) for your perfect carpet? You can buy a carpet for under 20 dollars, or perhaps for much more than a huge number of dollars. If you’ve a fixed spending budget in mind, you may want to consider carpets which are within the fixed price range. You will find many different “grades” of carpets. Carpets range from harsh to quite fine, as well as can vary in the manner they’re made. Whether a carpet is handmade or machine-made will in addition affect the prices.

3. The goal of the carpet

What is the mats meant to do for you? Could carpets Cape Town be solely for decorative purposes? Is it meant to become more practical, for instance a play area for kids? Or even, is it designed to serve a greater purpose, including to project a professional photograph of elegance and taste, or even for religious use? The different purpose will influence the forms of designs or even quality which you may want to have on the carpet.

4. The caliber of the carpet

Are you currently looking for a premium handmade oushak area rug, or perhaps will an ordinary machine-made carpet function you well enough? Some considerations which you may choose to have to evaluate the carpet of yours might be:

i)Length of pile

In most cases, the longer the heap, the poorer the caliber of the mats. This is simply because long pile decreases the sharpness of the outlines of advanced designs. Long pile also causes the rug or even carpet to be a little more susceptible to risks of developing wear patterns over time which has an effect on its durability. Nevertheless, do note there are exceptions to the principle. For example, a few exquisite handmade oushak rugs have longer pile to improve its malleability.

ii) Handmade, hand tufted or manmade

A handmade carpet requires a lot more rigorous work and therefore holds more value, as compared to a machine-made rug. Do note the different information of the carpeting especially in case you’re purchasing online. For example, take note regarding whether the mats is handmade, manmade, hand-knotted, machine-made or hand-tufted. A hand tufted rug is not really exactly the same as a handmade or even hand-knotted rug. It is an alternative type of weaving method in which a person works with something known as a “tufting gun” to force the wool by way of a base, for example a canvas backing, before glueing the materials together. Hence, it is much less labour intensive and also holds much less value.

iii) Knots per square inch/ knots count

One of several indicators of the grade of a rug lies in its density, that is determined by knot counts. In general, the taller the knot counts, the much better the quality. For example, a very fine Persian carpet is able to go up to 400 knots per square inch. Nonetheless, do note that there are exceptions to the law. For instance, a premium, handmade oushak rug is likely to be loosely woven. It is common for a real oushak rug to have lower than 30 knots per square inch, but the value of its will be a lot higher than a great many other carpets.

iv) Dye and materials

The types of dye as well as supplies used will have an effect on the quality of the mats. For example, organic plant-based dyes tend being desired over chemical dyes. Premium silky wool or silk tend to be desired over other substandard materials.

5. The risk factor

Is there anything which could “endanger the safety” of your recently bought rug? For instance, do you keep pets? Consider such “risks” before deciding on the kind of carpet to buy.

At times, selecting a carpet is practically love choosing a partner. It’s not about choosing the perfect because there’ll always be something more effectively out there. It’s really about choosing what is probably the most appropriate for us, based on our basic needs and preferences.

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