Florence – Art, Tradition, Tours, Great Food and Nature

Art, tradition, great food and nature, these are the points that attract tourists to Florence. In this particular Italian city are concentrates many of the prominent attractions which are well liked in the whole planet.

As for the art – Florence is definitely one of the most critical cities along with the historic center; we have here a large number of works of huge historical and artistic quality. There are many works of art in Florence that UNESCO declares the whole older part of this famous Italian city “heritage of humanity.”

Therefore, museums in Florence are among one of the most frequented in Italy. Among which the Uffizi gallery counts the most sessions in Italy.

On another hand, Florence is in itself an open air museum. Sports around the old part of town: bridges, statues, palaces, and cathedrals are real masterpieces of human geniuses of the past.

A lot more to mention, Florence has inherited many traditions from its glorious past, that are still present and celebrated by both its inhabitants and also by somebody visiting the city.

Traditions that derive from religious holidays, for example Easter wagon burst. Every year, large, majestic, antique wagon pulled by oxen to the cathedral of Florence. As soon as it arrives at the Duomo, a dove discharged from traditional wagon plus fires and fireworks are lit in honor of one of the members of the early Florentine family. Because family “de’Pazzi” was distinguished for courage during the siege of Jerusalem during the 1st Christian crusade inside the holy soil.

Beside the religious traditions in Florence, popular ones remain, including the historic football. Every season in June there is a match from the involvement of four teams of various areas of the city.

This game differed by its extreme hardness and spectacle of the game looking at to conventional football games. There’s not just playing along with the ball, but actual fighting between the players of the different teams. During these fights, players face off using an assortment of techniques like combat along with boxing.

One other thing that makes Florence an especially well-known place would be the appeal of the region on the area. Hilly areas around Florence are full and beautiful especially of amazing landscapes and well-groomed by individuals.

One of the more well known areas of countryside hills of Florence is Chianti. This component of Tuscany is well known and highly valued and never just due to the beauty. Here’s a lot of vineyards, typical of this area on the outskirts of Florence producing wines that are exceptional. Chianti countryside areas around Florence are well-known also for traditional Tuscan foods meats, cheeses & meats produced.
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