How Does Cage Diving Tourism At Isla Guadalupe Help Great White Shark Conservation?

With merely a handful of other suitable places in the world, Guadalupe Island in Mexico has grown to be one of the most well known areas for cage diving with great white sharks. The volcano formed island in the middle of water with high visibility attracts adventurous shark aficionados from all walks of life, permitting them to easily come face to face with the ocean’s most impressive predator. In addition to providing these men and women with the thrill of a lifetime, the cage diving tourist industry at Isla Guadalupe supports efficiency and research efforts for great white sharks and also for the island itself (an official Biosphere Reserve protected from the Mexican government).

The initial step in the conservation process is consciousness, so the most evident guidance from the good white expeditions originates from raising public awareness of these amazing wildlife and the habitat of theirs. Beyond the movie/media hype and folklore, the ordinary person is aware very little about white sharks. They are almost undoubtedly not aware of the existence of Guadalupe Island as well as the on-going efforts there to reverse the destruction done to the endemic flora and fauna by the animals brought and also left by hunters/fishermen which previously used the island as a basic or perhaps pit stop.
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Once these “regular people” visit the island to invest many hours in the diving cages around the sharks, they have a greater or new appreciation for these misunderstood leviathans. They take with them a respect for the ocean’s apex predator, based on the first-hand realization which great whites are powerfully significant members of the environment – not the indiscriminate blood-crazed man-eaters of Hollywood legend. They also personally find this special island inside a tenuous process of excellent changeover, plus feel connected to the restoration going on there. In speaking about their adventures whenever they return, these people educate countless others returned home about the sharks and Isla Guadalupe. Again, the 1st phase in the efficiency process is awareness.

Owing to their infamous reputations, great white sharks are prized catches for illegal poacher fisherman. A great group of jaws from 1 of those sharks are able to go for anywhere between $10,000 – 20,000 on the black market. The tourist cage diving boats supplement the patrolling completed by the Mexican navy and by conservationists, acting as unofficial lookouts for illegal shark fishing. The crews of the traveler shark charter boats are quite informed about the rules and polices of the island as well, and also look out for anything amiss.

Several of the charter companies require island and white shark conservation/research support to another level, providing other forms and financial support of aid to the scientists, grad students, and environmentalists that are working on/near Isla Guadalupe. This priceless on-site assistance can include: travel to and from the island, providing a clean spot to sleep/shelter from poor weather, warm snacks and meals, showers, help obtaining/storing DNA samples, occasional use of shark cages, battery charging, facilitating radio touch, helping roll-out or retrieve research products, as well as perhaps providing long term accommodation aboard for researchers studying great whites.

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