How to Write an Essay Introduction

How to Write an Essay Introduction

Let’s look at how to write an introduction and again we’re talking about this same essay about the benefits of mobile devices so what we’ve got here are three parts to an introduction and most introductions will have these same three parts, even though this is a very simple essay.

This will give you a basic idea of what most essays require, so background information that’s the first important part that we need and what we’re really looking here is for an overview. We need to get basic information, simple information about the topic just so that everybody knows what we’re talking about a nice simple way.

The next main part of an introduction is paraphrasing the question just to prove that we understand the main concepts. Sometimes when in the second part we might also include some definitions as well so definitions are important not in simple essays but in more complex essays.

You’ll probably define a few key terms in your introduction then we move on to what could be the most important part which is your thesis statement. In your thesis statement we’re really thinking about an outline of the essay. This is like your content what is going to be included in your actual essay.

Let’s have a look at this simple introduction we’ve got starting with a nice little adverb phrase here:

These days comma using mobile technology to receive the latest information has become popular very simple it’s just a bit of background information. – of course we don’t need any references here and then we move on to our paraphrasing the question we’re saying it in other words so: There are a number of advantages of using technology such as smartphones and tablets. – by using this idea of Vantage’s that’s really the benefits where we’re using paraphrasing just to prove that we understand what the question is asking us, then we move into our thesis statement: This essay will explain the three main benefits of using these devices portability, features and price. – we clearly can see here that this essay will give us some great information about portability in the first paragraph.

Second body paragraph should be about the features and then third body paragraph will be about the price, so a nice simple introduction during their own story aspects like we said a more complex essay might have two or three sentences or more for the background, two or three sentences or more for this and a couple of sentences well for the thesis statement.