How To Write Your First Draft Essay

How To Write Your First Draft Essay

There’s a popular adage that’s often attributed to Ernest Hemingway which goes,

“Write drunk, edit sober.”

Now, there are a more than a few things wrong with this quote. First, Hemingway never said it – it’s actually a pithy re-phrasing of a passage from a novel called Reuben, Reuben by Peter De Vries. Secondly, Hemingway definitely didn’t write this way – even though he was a guy who definitely drank a lot in his spare time.

However, it’s still a useful piece of advice as long as it isn’t taken literally. What’s it’s actually getting at is the usefulness of letting the initial act of creation be free of scrutiny and restraint. And this is important, because one of the most difficult problems that writers deal with is perfectionism.

Now, one technique that I’ve found to be helpful during this process is to write my first draft in a different place than where I intend the final draft to go. This might be a separate document, or it might be an entirely different app. For instance, I write the first draft of almost every one of my blog posts and video scripts in Evernote.

Later, I’ll polish them up in Google Drive. Using a separate app helps me to truly believe that it’s ok to make a mess. Of course, that mess has to get cleaned up eventually! Now, I did say a minute ago that cleaning it up is future you’s problem, but eventually future you become now you.