Locating the Correct LED Light Strip Power Supply

Anyone purchasing LED illumination strips need to also look into buying a power source. A power supply unit which is peripheral is often relied upon by LED strips. This source is widely known as a driver or a transformer. In most instances unless the fitting is battery operated a power source unit is essential making the LED installing work.

Power Source Varieties

Power supplies exist in a selection of sizes and shapes. Some of the products would be the standard play and plug varieties while others are more of the business type transformers that are generally hard-wired into the mains. It’s also very common to hear that these power supply unites are called transformers. This is mainly due to the fact that separate from providing power to LED strips these units are usually built to convert the mains two hundred thirty volts AC to a lower voltage of about 12 votes DC thus making the capability more applicable to the lighting used.

plug and Play versus Hard-wiring

There are many points that need to be thought out when it comes to finding the style of power supply for your lighting.

For starters, it need to be determined whether you’re aiming to plug right into a wall socket or even do you want to get the strips of LED lighting hard wired to the light switch?

Plug & Play

If the aforementioned question’s solution is “YES” then it is necessary to use a standard plug and play unit. This’s probably the most traditional power cord within the marketplace which usually permits a quick and easy system for many typical purposes within the household area via a plug source. The full device includes a kettle lead with the usual three prong UK mains plug, a black transformer, kettle lead with the typical three prong UK plug and a 12 volt male connector which often fastens on the strip via its corresponding female connector. The whole device is comparable to a two meter length laptop charger.


For applications that happen to be more difficult or in the affair that a wall plug is unavailable alternative power source mains are available. In the location of any kettle lead, units such as these feature a lengthy main line which can then be connected directly to the mains.


Furthermore when choosing the variety of power source, one will in addition need knowing the certain size. These products come in a range of different sizes. ecopac led driver is able to range from 20 watts to often greater than this particular number. These digits entail the optimum capacity that a power supply can manage safely. The LED strip ton is approximated by multiplying the per metre wattage to the number of metres being employed. For instance if the per metre power level is 7 point 2 watts and also the metres being utilized is ten, then the product or even complete load computation ought to be seventy two watts.

It’s important to know that the capacity doesn’t review the optimum requirement load otherwise performance problems will be encountered with the lighting strips. Examples would be lifespan reduction and voltage drops in the lights.

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