Office Relocation Planning Guide

Getting an office move right is a fantastic alternative to affect constructive change management, improvement running a business efficiency, improved momentum and morale – however, getting it wrong can actually have the opposite effect.

Moving Office Planning Guide spreads over the 3 most prominent circumstances that a company needs to address when embarking on a relocation project.

1) Start Early

There’s a great deal to do, so the sooner an organization is able to start work relocation planning process the wider the chance of attaining the smooth office action that the company expects. It is extremely hard to plan too far ahead. After the Office Move Project Leader happens to be appointed – work must begin. All things being equal, best practice states that businesses must begin reviewing their options 9-18 months ahead of lease expiration, regardless of whether they are considering renewing, renegotiation or relocating office. It’s vital to allow enough lead-time to boost the volume of competition and leverage between the different options, which can contribute to savings which are substantial for the tenant.

Two) Understanding what’s required with an office relocation

An office relocation is merely a method – and like any approach it might be categorized into a series of simple tasks along with checks. The smart use of an office Relocation Checklist won’t only assist with the preparation, but in addition act as the guide to handle the many jobs affiliated with the office relocation project.

Three) Get Professional Help

Not getting the help of outside relocation advisors is false economy as well as, as a result, many company moves find themselves being a time-consuming & stressful job fraught with trouble. What is even worse, is the fact that companies that choose to never indulge outside professional help for the key stages of the company relocation run the risk of making pricey mistakes which could have been stayed away from. The main places that exterior expertise is needed include:

Property Agents: to help find the foremost appropriate office home then make a deal the very best business lease

Property Solicitors: in order to recommend on exit strategy from present day workplace and also to guarantee a company’s best interests are taken care of during the negotiation and signing of the new lease.

Office Fit-Out: space planning, fit-out and office style of the new office.

IT Relocation: to observe & enhance business communications through the entire relocation activity (and beyond), upgrade to better systems; change to better Telecoms solutions and/or cost effective call plans.

Office Removals: to execute the actual physical maneuver from old to new office and give storage/archiving facilities.

Planning is all when it comes to moving office, so that make sure you stick to these guidelines for a successful and smooth office relocation.

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