Online Education Degrees

Online Education Degrees

An online degree in education can prepare you for a rewarding teaching career.

Pursuing a degree in Education

An online degree in education can open up a world of career possibilities. Whether you want to teach kindergarten, become a high school principal, or work as a college administrator, an education in, well, education will be invaluable. School is an important part of everyone’s growth and development – this is clearly reflected by the fact that the education industry is the second largest in the U.S., accounting for over 13 million jobs.

Associate degrees

An associate degree can prepare you for a job as a teacher’s assistant, classroom aide, or preschool teacher. It can also serve as a strong academic jumping-off point for students who want to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Associate programs may cover foundational elements of subjects including child development, special education, or general subjects like mathematics, communications, natural sciences, social sciences, or the arts. This is usually a two-year (or the credit equivalent of two years) program that you may be able to complete while still working full time.

Bachelor’s degrees

A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree offers a more in-depth exploration of multiple fields of study, and can prepare you to teach a particular subject or to teach a specific age group or grade level. A bachelors is generally a four-year (or the credit equivalent of four years) degree.

Master’s degrees

If you want to teach at a higher grade level, or are interested in pursuing a career on the administrative side of education, a Master’s degree might be a good choice for you. These are usually two-year (or the credit equivalent of) degrees and holding a bachelors degree is usually a prerequisite. A Masters degree is a good choice for someone who holds a bachelors degree in another subject, but is interested in pursuing a career as an elementary or secondary school teacher.

Doctoral degrees

True devotees to education may choose to pursue a PhD in an education-related field – usually higher education. These degrees are for those who aspire to teach or administrate at the university level.

In addition to a holding a degree, most educators are required to be certified and/or licensed by the state in which they teach. Certification requirements vary by state; find out what applies to you by visiting your state’s Department of Education website.