Stamp Industry Innovation Leads to Environmentally Friendly Products

The marking device industry’s market share is micro sized when set alongside the large internet business sections of related products which flood the media with endless innovations, one better than the past. Yet, since rubber stamps have such a broad use, rubber stamp making companies continue to find ways to automate, innovate and also supply buyers with the safest, earth friendly product or service available.

This has been an especially huge period for the advancement of self-inking stamps. Long-time manufacturer Shiny recently introduced their Shiny Blue line. Shiny Blue may be the first traditional self inking stamp that uses recycled PET plastic material. PET plastic is used to make the majority of water and soda bottles and doesn’t biodegrade well. So, when you order just one stamp, you likely prevent 1.5 water bottles from hitting a landfill. In addition, the finished plates are created with Low Emissions Manufacturing (LEM), which uses absolutely no water, with no chemical substances, has no smell and puts nothing down the drain.

In the last couple of years, 2000 Plus also introduced their Green Line of environmentally friendlier stamps, as did Trodat with their Eco-Printy. ong hut giay carries self inkers made out of eighty % recycled plastic material. The Eco-Printy has an attention-getting style and is updated to the initial Printy 4.0. Trodat bills it as the first weather neutral stamp across the world with their switchover to 65 % post-consumer plastic-type material.

Stamp-makers do have their packaging down. Many are using hundred % recycled, unbleached paper fiber. People that are searching for an ecologically accountable stamping product should look for stamps that can be re-inked. With the proper ink type most stamps last for years.

With the torrent of products which are new entering the industry, a single tiny trade is setting an example by developing enhanced marking devices that lighten a long-term foot print on the planet earth.

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