Often the Hidden Meaning of Birthstones

The various different birthstones these days may all seem relatively similar, but all have individual unique meanings that can say a lot about a person. Though their hidden meanings are more philosophical than scientific, there still is a good deal of truth behind what they mean to say how and individually you might come out in the future. Besides their sparkle and color, there’s a lot more to these stones than what satisfies the eye.

The Hidden Meaning of Birthstones

January birthstone is garnet and it is thought to have a security guard attribution while travelling.

February birthstone is amethyst and it is thought to help develop relationships as well as better courage. Additionally, amethyst originates from the Greek term amethystos meaning sober.

March birthstone is aquamarine and it is considered to help heal a variety of diseases with many historians thinking a connection was had by it to Neptune and how it protected it from ocean dangers.

April birthstone is diamond and on top of becoming the symbol for everlasting love, it was also considered to boost confidence. Though bloodstone meaning means lightning in Sanskrit, in Hindu mythology, it meant the weapon of the Indra who was the king of the Gods.

May birthstone is emerald and this once was Cleopatra’s primary gem. It’s been associated with fertility, love, and rebirth, and in Ancient Romans, it was the sole stone to Venus who was the goddess of charm. Now, it signifies wisdom, patience, and growth.

June birthstone is pearl and it’s been for decades the sign for purity. Ancient Greeks thought the pearls were the tears of joy made from Aphrodite that was the primary goddess of love.

July birthstone is ruby and was known in old Hindus as King of Gems. It was planned to defend the person who was in its midst from evil and is now regarded as a sign of passion.

August birthstone is peridot also strength is symbolized by it. It’s occasionally described the night emerald for its greenish color, and was once believed to be the ashes of volcano goddess Pele. It also was thought to prevent nightmares from happening among the folks that used the gem.

September birthstone is sapphire along with this gem was once considered as the guard against evil and poisoning. It was thought that if venomous snakes were to touch sapphire, they will die from its presence. It’s also traditionally most favorite stone of kings and priests as it symbolizes purity.

October birthstone is actually opal and confidence and faithfulness is symbolized by it. Name of this gem is from a Latin term “opalus” which means precious jewel. Jewelry with this particular gem has been said to push away evil and defend the vision of yours.

November birthstone is topaz and it represents affection. It’s also considered that it can spiritually give the wearer much more strength and intelligence too.

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