Parable of the Discerning Man, Illustrating America’s Folly in Using Abortion and birth Control

A discerning male left the home of his and gone to a different place. It was the spring of the entire year and he mentioned that the dark rich moist soil of a variety of fields had been cultivated and males went forth to sow the seed of theirs. The discerning male’s heart rejoiced in the hope of the crop that by God’s blessing will come forth to the sowers. Words of thankfulness and praise to God were upon his lips as he realized that Jehovah could be the one who provides seed to the sower, and although man might plant and water, it is ultimately God who gives the increase. Naturally the farmer would seek increase, for this’s his goal. It is the intent behind the field, and of the seed.

Then, almost beyond imagination, producers have been seen covering the entire breadth of the fields of theirs with harmful poisons, wanting to wreck the seed. The discerning man watched in amazement and thought, “Dear God, they’ve lost their minds. Who’d poison the very niche he just planted? Would not it were better to have written the seed in its sack then to have sown it into the fertile field, then gone though the effort of destroying it?” The discerning male lingered in this foreign land and watched this same process occur repeatedly in areas that are a lot of . He watched men sow seed into fields which he knew did not belong to them. They were other male’s fields. In addition, they sought to poison their seed. “My what a peculiar people,” he thought. Fall came. As the crops matured and harvest was necessary, he observed as men burned the fields of theirs until they had been but charred stubble…”These men and women are insane, ” the discerning male thought.

You America male are the farmer. The seed, is he seed of your own body. The area is the body of the wife of yours. The poison is whatever contraceptive you have used. The area not belonging to you is the wife of your neighbor, or maybe the lady you ravished exterior of the marriage covenant. The grill is the destruction of abortion fueled by the wind of popular opinion. The charred stubbled fields will be the life remaining in the wake of the training. The discerning male, is a folks loaded with an understanding and devotion to God’s goal and word, who discern the madness of this particular generation. A question has to be asked, what’s the difference of outcome from the poisoning of the seed, or the burning of the field, since neither produce a pick? I inform you in the identity of Him who is high and holy, in the name of The Son of his who has been appointed ruler over the nations of this earth, which, as surely as the seed sown leads to a crop harvested, thus the devastation of the seed of male though contraceptives is the spirit which often results in the murdering of the preborn as well as the new born (abortion). Contraceptives are the spirit of abortion.

Oh, that we probably turn from our unbelief and wickedness and also become a folks geared up for he visitation of the Holy One. For Jehovah would certainly visit us with the promise of that very last day out pouring of The presence of his, but our approaches are offensive to Him.

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